Paul Bretherick
Independent Business Consultant
Bremah Limited
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Welsh Government Smart Card Development Project 

Paul has provided technical support and expertise to the ITSO project, Smartcards across the transport of Wales,  since its inception. This has covered a number of areas that include the migration of local authority concessionary pass holder databases into the new ‘all Wales’ card management system and the support required by local authorities who host ETM back office systems for small operators.

Paul was involved with ITSO, the specification for use of Smartcards particularly in a transport environment, auditing the methodology used to create version 2.1 of the ITSO specification.

South East Wales Transport Alliance (Sewta) Smart Card Scheme  

Taith North Wales Smart Card Scheme

Paul worked with both bus operators and local authorities to define the tickets and smartcards required in preparation for ITSO ticket machine and back office installation.

Paul worked on the business procedures and data structures required to manage and support data analysis and reporting capabilities of the Ticket Machine back office and the external links to the central ITSO back office processing.

TicketMap Application

Paul managed the design and development of a TicketMap application in order to provide passenger and revenue information, based on tickets and smartcards processed, in a map based graphical environment. This will enable comparison of service routes enabling informed management decisions on provision of vehicles, commercial viability etc..

BASF plc - Business Strategist  Strategic evaluation of the possibilities of a Service Platform approach to support the BASF UK companies resulting in a company integration plan and the resolution of various operational issues.

Degussa - Project Manager System Implementation    Implementation of SAP R/3 Version 4.0B project co-ordination role linking between the customer team of ten senior managers  and the  KPMG consulting team of five, ensuring that the customers requirements were achieved by the correct configuration settings within SAP and the correct business procedures. This role covered all aspects of the business and involved contact with all levels of staff from presentations to the board of directors to discussions with people on the shop floor.

Brunner Mond Limited -    (now part of Tata Chemicals) Project Manager System Evaluation

Evaluation of and negotiations with potential suppliers for a Maintenance Management system for Brunner Monds production facility in Northern Holland, recently purchased from Akzo Nobel. This role involved representing Brunner Mond to a number of potential suppliers, co-ordinating the input from the senior management team. The role included the negotiations and agreement of supply contracts, followed by the configuration and implementation of the PSDI Maximo system.

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